Health Assessment Service

Macau Yin Kui Hospital has established a health assessment service to provide preventive health care services to enhance health awareness and promote healthy living as its social mission.

The health assessment service is made up of family doctors, caregivers and technicians. In addition to physical health checks, it provides a series of diagnostic tests that are combined into a health assessment program to meet the needs of men and women of all ages and health helping them to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, including Female and Male Health Assessment, Premarital, Prenatal and Cancer Screening Package, etc. 

As life expectancy increases, chronic diseases and diseases due to aging increase. Regular physical examinations not only help to detect the disease early, but also prevent permanent damage to the body. It is also a responsible performance for your body.

The hospital's physical examination program is both cost-effective and targeted, helping participants understand their physical condition.

Health Assessment Package (Female)

Health Assessment Package (Male)

Afternoon Health Screening Package

Heart Screening Package

Prostate Screening Package

Gynaecology Screening Package

Premarital Screening Package

Pre-employment Screening Package

Prenatal Screening Package

Cancer Screening Package

Domestic Helper Screening Package

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