Protection of Personal Data (Privacy)

Please read this notice carefully before providing any personal information.

As your doctor/nurse/health care staff, we may ask you to provide personal information (including health information) or obtain your medical records and any relevant information from any appropriate third party for medical and/or general care. And treatment and / or the following uses.

When you provide personal information to the hospital, please ensure that the information is accurate and complete. If you do not provide the required information to the Court or the information provided is incorrect/incomplete, it may affect the services provided by the Group.

Please note that your personal information may be given to:

The patient's attending doctor and the authorized staff of the hospital have obtained and consulted the medical and unified medical records for your medical use (for details, please refer to the purpose of collecting and using personal data and the instructions for raising and harmonizing medical records); or other doctors/healers Personnel for your medical use; or court (if ordered or summoned by the court) or other person appointed by law; or a person related to the bill and accounting of the Court. If you wish to access and/or modify your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, please contact our staff during office hours: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Group will charge a reasonable fee.

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