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Other Medical Service




Medical Imaging Service

Macau Yin Kui Hospital provide cutting-edge imaging service in a comfortable setting at your convenience, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM), Bone Mineral Densitometry (DEXA), Digital Radiography (DR) and Ultrasonography (USG). We specialized in personalized medical imaging test according your needs. 


Health Assessment Service

In order to raise awareness of health and promote a healthy life as the mission of the community, the Macao Yin Kui Hospital has set up a health assessment service to provide preventive health care service.

Health assessment service are made up of family doctors, caregivers and technical staff. In addition to physical health checks, it provides a series of diagnostic tests, combined into a health assessment program to meet the needs of men and women of all ages and health status, to help them move towards a healthy and perfect life.



Nutrition and Dietetic Service

Our dietitian aims at promoting healthy eating by providing individualized nutritional counseling for children, pregnant women, vegetarians, clients with diabetes mellitus, gout hyperlipidemia and weight problem etc.



Clinical Laboratory

Our laboratory is up to international standard and provide accurate laboratory results to our clients and doctors. This can provide critical data and information to doctors when making diagnosis. Our service can provide critical information to doctors for diagnostic purpose.



Pharmaceutical Department

Our team includes registered pharmacists and dispensers. We work closely with doctors and other health professions, to ensure quality use of medicines, hence achieving better treatment outcome.



Physical Rehabilitation Treatment Service

Our hospital provide rehabilitation service to help patients recover from stroke, sports injuries and spine injuries.



Referral Service

Expansive cross-regional medical referral service

Macau Yinkui hospital has corporate partners. Therefore, our clients can choose to have referral treatment after visiting our doctors.